Amplitel proposes in partnership with Telstra to install a mobile telecommunications network base station on land at 12 Amity Avenue, Maroochydore, the site of an existing Unitywater Pump Station. In siting the Proposed Facility, it is noted that Amplitel considered alternative candidates and opportunities for co-location. For further information please refer to the following link:

Proposed Telstra Tower information – Radio Frequency National Site




Sunshine Cove Useful Links include Precinct Covenants. The developers of Sunshine Cove, Chardan Development Group, require buyers to enter into protective covenants as detailed in each Precinct Design Covenant. These facilitate high standard of design for individual dwellings and residential streetscapes. They are almost 100% the developer’s council approvals. As such they are legally binding and have weight. Information on what is covered is listed in each Design Covenant.

Please Note: Sunshine Cove Design Covenants are not registered on the title of the land and are not therefore, passed on at resale of the dwelling.  Statutory requirements come under council jurisdiction and any other disputes become a civil matter after dwelling completion.  For example, if a new owner moves into an existing dwelling and wants to paint their dwelling pink, which was not in the original design covenant for your precinct, it is unfortunately a civil matter, and you need to engage your own lawyer.  

Further Items that are not enforceable by council are registered cars, boats or caravans in parking bays, screening of utilities/bins/clothesline’s, etc as per the covenant information. 

Links to all things Sunshine Coast Council from Disaster to Development information, waste collection, recycle videos and everything to do with responsible pet ownership and barking dogs.

Plus a link to My Council e-request for service from Sunshine Coast Council. Sometimes quicker than Snap, Send, Solve if of a more urgent nature. 

Sunshine Cove Landscape Maintenance Specification, Maintenance Boundary and Maintenance Map. 

Snap Send Solve – Have you spotted an issue in The Cove like graffiti, dumped rubbish, trip hazards, or abandoned trolleys? Time to get Snapping! Snap Send Solve is the free app that simplifies the reporting of community issues. 

Noise Complaints should be made to Queensland Police. Read information about how to make a complaint and how to party safe in the hood!